Jerry Karzen`s teaching style in our Chiemsee Feldenkrais training programs is following the original ideas and principles of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.
We emphasize the universal approach of the Feldenkrais Method in every field of life and we appreciate small studygroups with an effective, comfortable learning atmosphere and a direct and individual learning process.
You are invited to visit the current training group Chiemsee 7 and to experience the team and the location on Fraueninsel /Chiemsee. Or visit our introduction days Chiemsee 8 on October 03 and 04, 2015 on Fraueninsel/Chiemsee and experience Jerry´s teaching .

Chiemsee 8 information days in our current training program Chiemsee 7:
14.08. + 21.08. + 24.08. + 25.10. + 01.11. 2015

Chiemsee 8 introduction days at Chiemsee with Jerry Karzen:
03. + 04.10.2015
10:00-12:30 Uhr - Jerry Karzen workshop: Feldenkrais principles of somatic learning
13:00-14:00 Uhr - Jerry Karzen and Anna Karin Engels: Questions and answers about the Feldenkrais training program Chiemsee 8

Chiemsee 8 introduction days in Cologne with Anna Karin Engels:
17.10. + 05.12.2015 + 30.01.2016
14:00-15:30 - workshop: Feldenkrais principles of somatic learning 15:30-17:00 Uhr: Questions and answers about the Feldenkrais training program Chiemsee 8.


Moshe Feldenkrais (1904 - 1984) had expertise in physics, engineering, the martial arts, as well as knowledge in the fields of biomechanics, neurology, physiology and psychology. more...

Feldenkrais Training

You are welcome: 1 day for free as a guest.
 People who are interested in the International Feldenkrais Training Chiemsee 8 are welcome to enjoy 1 free guest day in the current training, Chiemsee 7, to get an authentic experience of a full training day, meet with the educational director and trainer Jerry Karzen, and experience the training site. more...

Feldenkrais Method

We have an innate capacity to learn. As children we curiously find out so many things, completely absorbed in an activity, with all senses. In the beginning we don’t know much, everything is new. Again and again we attentively try new possibilities and: learn! And also have fun! more...

Chiemsee Training

In an impressivly beautiful landscape, Artem offers you an in-depth Feldenkrais Teacher Training Program (ARTEM Chiemsee Training 7) with international accreditation. more...

Training program

The ARTEM International Feldenkrais Training Program. Learning becomes a pleasure in a protected, car-free and peaceful surrounding, in the middle of the lake with a fantastic view onto the Chiemsee lake and the Alp Mountains. more...

Feldenkrais lessons

Originally developed by Jerry Karzen to inspire the students in his Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs to design their own Functional Integration® lessons.
This six-lesson program is ideal for Feldenkrais Practioners and Trainees, as well as those involved in dance, pilates, yoga, martial arts and athletics. more...


To promote health. Moshe Feldenkrais developed more than 2000 basic ATM-lessons. Each student individually explores and experiences the enormous spectrum of human learning capacity through movement at his/her own pace in a group setting. Sense, feel, perceive, compare, differentiate, directing awareness, move. more...

Jerry Karzen

Educational Director and Trainer Jerôme "Jerry" Karzen (USA/Hawaii) graduated in 1977 in Dr. Feldenkrais' San Francisco training program. He is a past president of the North American Feldenkrais Guild. From 1976 -84 he was Moshe Feldenkrais` personal traveling companion, secretary and close friend. more...


The ARTEM Training Program covers the two basic aspects ofthe Feldenkrais-method. more...
ARTEM International Feldenkrais Practitioner Training Program Chiemsee 8. 2016-2019.
Start Your training until March 01, 2017!
Visit our current training programs Chiemsee 7+8 as a guest to experience the extraordinary atmosphere, venue and staff.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Anna Karin Engels [+49 (0)171 4023358]

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